Frankie Says Play Week 3 – Beyond Oasis/Story of Thor (GENESIS/MEGA DRIVE)

For those of you only just now joining us, one of our TtC regulars picks a game they loved and think everyone should of played or should be playing.

This weeks game has been selected by Segaages and I have to say it’s one of my favourites on the system.

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OUYA Unboxing

#20216.  That was my backer number for the OUYA game console.  Nearly 1 full year from the day I decided to invest in this totally unknown commodity, it arrived at my house.  I thought I would share what comes in the box, and my first impressions of the OUYA experience.

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Prototype news: May 17, 2013

Standard disclaimer on prototypes.

New Listings:

Frog Pond for the Atari 2600. This has been listed a few times, maybe the price is right this time?

Sold listings:

Glover 2 for the N64. This was dumped, and it sold for $200.

Silk Worm for the NES. Sold for $130. Some people on Nintendo Age have raised red flags about this seller, accusing him of shilling.

Message boards:

Assembler Games: discussion on a prototype of Tengen Tetris that is on auction for $40,000. Despite what people fear on this thread, there is little doubt this is legit.


Xbox 360 Alpha Developer Kit: Codename Xenon

So this guy has been in my collection for a few years, and I’m finally getting around to putting it back in working order. Since there’s not a lot of information about them laying around, I thought I’d document the process.

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The MAME Event – Kangaroo

*Blows the dust off the keyboard*

First of all, thanks for sticking around, we hope to get back into a more frequent posting pattern very soon.  Second, I apologize for the screenshots in this post.  They seem to be “stretched” a bit for some reason. With that being said, let’s look at Kangaroo.



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PC Game Review: Totally Tiny Arcade


As I was digging through the myriad files I had downloaded over my years on the internet… I stumbled across my install file for Totally Tiny Arcade.  It was a game I remember downloading a couple years (and computers) ago, but hadn’t touched it since then.  The main reason I downloaded it back then?  It was being offered for free.  Since I like free, I jumped at it.  But, like that 15 GB torrent of CD-I ISOs that seemed like a good idea at the time…it largely went untouched, until now.

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Halo 2 Beta


Halo 2 was one of the most secretive games ever developed. Due to some poor scheduling, Bungie was forced to produce the game on an incredibly tight schedule. On top of that, Bungie struggled to hide a major plot twist; for half the story, you wouldn’t be playing as Mr. Chief, but as an enemy Elite known as the Arbiter.

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Video Game Prototypes: December 20, 2012

Standard disclaimer on prototypes.

I didn’t observe much for video game prototypes until I was informed that some were not caught by my regular searches. Looks like the seller found a stash of Playmates prototypes.

Mutant Chronicles: Doom Troopers for the Genesis. Sold for $49

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Video Game Prototypes: November 29, 2012

Standard disclaimer on prototypes.

I’ve been pretty busy lately, so I haven’t been able to keep up with auctions as regularly as I would like. Lots of Atari 2600 prototypes were on sale earlier this month.

Nightmare Circus for the Genesis. Unreleased outside of Brazil. Still might be a bit steep at the BIN of GBP 599.99.

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The MAME Event: Planet Probe

Recently, a pretty wonderful story popped up online about a believed to be lost arcade game known as Planet Probe.  If you’d like to read up on the saga, check out the story at the following links ( Part 1 and Part 2 ).  Most important for our purposes…in the comments of part 2 are links for a special version of MAME, and a link to a page to download the ROM so that we can play the game ourselves.

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